Uniform & shoe fittings will be done during band camp. Seniors are fitted first, then Juniors, Sophomores & new Freshmen. Uniforms are the property of the school and do not go home with the student, but are instead kept in the uniform closet. Each uniform has a number, and each student is responsible for remembering their uniform number. Shoes are the responsibility of the student - students are encouraged to keep them in their instrument locker if possible.

Prior to a band event, students line up outside of the uniform closet to politely ask for their uniform by number. After performance, students must properly hang their uniform before turning it back in (make sure to hang pants on the crease!).

Students are responsible for taking good care of their uniform & shoes. See Band Uniform Care.

The Uniform Parents work hard to make sure the Revere Minutemen look their best at performances, and likewise expect the students to do their best to take care of their uniforms and have everything they need when they arrive for a band event. If students have problems with or questions about their uniforms, they should ask any of the Uniform Parents. They are here to help!


Summer Band Camp kick offs with "Mini-Camp," typically held two evenings late May/early June. The purpose of "Mini-Camp" is to provide band students with their season music & to allow them to get to know each other & their section leader. On the second evening, a  meeting is held for parents of new band students to learn more about Band & RMPA!

Summer Sectionals:
After Mini-Camp, each Section will hold approximately 2-3 meetings in June and/or July. Details on these meetings are communicated to the students by their section leader.  

Color Guard (flag line) members will practice throughout the summer. 

Summer Band Camp:

Regular Summer Band Camp is typically held the first three weeks of August (Monday - Friday, most days from 8:30 - 3:00) 

​Please see the Calendar for this year's schedule!


Band updates are frequently posted to the Revere Marching Minutemen Facebook  page, so be sure to check it daily!

Band Music:

​Marching band members will receive their competition, patriotic & pep band music at Mini-Camp. Students are encouraged to begin practicing their music right away! 

Students will be expected to memorize their music, and as part of their band grade must properly play ("check off") all of their music for the Band Directors or Field Commanders during the course of Regular Summer Band Camp.  


​​Summer Band Camp - Lots of Fun! 

Learning  Band Music | Meeting New Friends | Getting Fitted for Uniforms | Learning  Marching Drills  | Spirit Week

Band Pictures |  Richfield Community Parade | Performing at FroshFest | Hair Braiding Night

Parent Preview Night | Preparing for First Football Game