​The Student Trip Account holds a portion of funds generated by RMPA fundraisers in which students are asked to participate.  Approval by a simple majority vote of the membership present at a meeting is required to set the contribution level (if any) to the Student Trip Account for each such fundraiser.  The percentage allocated to the Student Trip Account cannot exceed 90% of the net proceeds of a fundraiser, as per current Bylaws, 10% must be allocated to the Uniform Replacement Fund.

Immediately prior to any Revere Music Department sponsored trip, with the exact timing determined by the Treasurer with approval of the Board, all funds in the Student Trip Account -- less a $100 set-aside to keep the account open -- will be distributed equally as credits against the final trip invoices for all current Revere Music students traveling on that trip.   This will be the only allowable use of funds from the Student Trip Account.  The only other permissible and temporary disbursement of funds from this account is that in an emergency, the Board may approve borrowing funds from the Student Trip Account to meet necessary expenses;  however in that event those funds must be restored from the general fund as soon as reasonably possible.

Funds in the Student Trip Account are in no sense associated with or the property of any individual student, nor can any such funds or credits be transferred from one student to another, even if related, for any reason including a student being unable to participate in a specific trip. Student Trip Account funds cannot be used for other activities such as banquets, band camp fees, etc.    

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