Welcome Music Parents!
If you have a student in the music program, you are a “music parent” and a member of the Revere Music Parents Association. No membership fee required! Everyone counts and everyone makes a difference.

We Support the Revere Local Schools Music Program
Each year we raise thousands of dollars to provide additional financial support for our school districts music program. We also serve our music directors by working with them throughout the year, offering assistance to the program. This is vital to the success of our large performing ensembles. We also provide fundraising opportunities for students to earn money which will be applied to reduce the expense of the trips taken by our ensembles.

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​​​​You may choose from a variety of service opportunities:

  • We do and provide fundraisers opportunities throughout the year.
  • We have a big presence at all home football games with our Marching Minutemen and The Minuteman Cafe.
  • We also provide all of the tailoring to fit our band  and choir uniforms.
  • We have active operational committees in the areas of Finance, Advocacy, Technology / Communications and Volunteer Co-ordination.
  • We provide chaperones for music department trips - to and from both local and exotic locations! (The Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Chicago, and Williamsburg have been recent destinations.)
  • We transport marching band equipment to and from away games and contests.

All of these activities require the leadership of dedicated committee chairs. Whew! And thats not even the whole list. But as the saying goes, "Many hands makes light work." Oh, and we also have a lot of fun while we're working!

Welcome to the RMPA!

Kimberly Peters, President

​​The Revere Music Parents Association (RMPA)

​​​​​Get Involved!

Please take a look at our activities, pick an area of service and jump right in! Your efforts will contribute to their success and you will enjoy becoming involved with your kids. As we like to say, "It's all for the kids."  Another bonus is you will make new friends for life!

RMPA meets the first Tuesday of each month, except for July & January, at 7:30 at Revere High School in Room 200.  

We are a fun group and we'd love to have you as an active member!