Article I (name) 
The name of this organization shall be the “Revere Band Parents Association” (dba Revere Music Parents Assoc.), herein referred to as the Association”. 

Article II (location) 
The Association is located in the Revere Local School District, Township of Bath, the county of Summit, Ohio. 

Article III (purpose) 
The Association is organized exclusively for the service and educational purposes of the Music Department of the Revere School district, herein referred to as “the District”. The Association shall qualify as a not-for-profit tax exempt organization. Sec. 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or the corresponding division of the United States Internal Revenue Law. 

Article IV (objectives) 
Section 1- To motivate and encourage the growth of the music programs in the District. 
Section 2- To lend all possible support, physical, moral and financial, to the music programs in the District. 
Section 3- To assist with the staff of the Music Department and the Board of Education of this District to assure that music educational programs be brought to and kept at the highest possible degree of effectiveness and efficiency. 

Article V (membership) 
This Association shall be open to all persons interested in the progress and development of the Music Departments of the District. But voting will be limited to parents and guardians of students presently enrolled in the academic program of the Music Department. The membership year is June 1st to the following May 31st. 

Article VI (elected officers) 
The elected officers of this Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Associate Treasurer and these officers shall have a student enrolled in the academic program of the Music Department. However, a parent or guardian who has held an office can remain in the same office for up to two years after graduation of their student if no suitable replacement for their office can be found.


Article I 
Nomination, Elections and Term of Office 

Section 1- The Nominating Committee will be composed of at least 3 members. The President shall appoint 2 members, and the third shall be nominated from the floor.
The Nominating Committee shall be formed in March each year and report at the April meeting. The Nominating Committee shall present at least one Association member for each elected office. Nominations will be accepted from the floor after the slate has been presented. 

Section 2- Election of officers shall be held at the May meeting by a majority vote of those present. Voting will be by secret ballot regardless of the number of nominees.
Nominating Committee and a Music Director will be responsible for the administration of the ballot voting process. The Secretary prepares the ballot as directed by the Nominating Committee. Ballots will be distributed to the members in attendance, collected, and tallied by both a member of the Nominating Committee and a Director. Results of the election will then be announced. 

Section 3- Term of the office shall be for one year beginning in June or until successors are elected. 

Section 4 - In case of vacancy in an office, it shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board of this Association with the approval of the membership at the next regular meeting. Should the office of President be vacated, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term and assume the responsibilities of the President. 

Article II 
Duties of Officers 

Section 1- The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and appoint the chairmen of all committees, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. 

Section 2- The Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall also act as the parliamentarian for the Association, and shall chair the RMPA Liaison Committee. 

Section 3- The Secretary shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings and attend to correspondence of the Association. The Secretary shall serve on the bylaws revision committee. 

Section 4- The Treasurer shall receive all funds due the Association and deposit same in the bank accounts of the Association. The Treasurer pays all disbursements in the approved budget. All disbursements not in the budget shall be approved by the Executive Board of the Association and/or members present at a general meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all tax reports and for securing bonding insurance. The Association’s financial books shall be reviewed in July/August. The Treasurer shall present the books for review to a committee of at least 3 appointed by the President from the Association membership, or a board approved accountant. 

Section 5- The Associate Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the performance of all functions assigned to the Treasurer’s office and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board. 

Article III 
Duties of the Executive Board 

Section 1- The Executive Board shall be composed of the five elected officers, the HS Band Director and the HS Choir Director. or their designee. Annually the President may appoint 1-2 Standing Committee chairpersons to the Executive Board as ex-officio members who are invited/expected to attend Board meetings. In addition, any other music director employed by the Revere Local School District is considered an ex-officio Board member. 

Section 2- The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of this Association. Approval of business shall require a majority of votes cast at a board meeting, which has a quorum present. 

Section 3-. A quorum will be a majority of the whole number of members of the Executive Board, except that a majority of the members in office constitutes a quorum for filling a vacancy. 

Section 4- An Executive Board meeting can be called by any member of the Executive Board. There shall be at least one Executive Board meeting preceding each regular meeting of the Association. Board meetings shall be closed unless otherwise designated.

Section 5- The Board shall coordinate all activities sponsored by the Association and/or Band or Choir Director(s). The Board is responsible for establishing calendar dates for activities and receiving proper administration approval of these activities and dates in accordance with school policy. 

Section 6- Removal of an Officer or Committee Chairman before completion of term. 
a. Any officer or committee chairman may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board whenever in the best interest of the Association will be served. The Executive Board must then obtain a majority vote by the general membership in attendance at the general meeting. 

Article IV 
Standing Committees 

Section 1- The President shall appoint all committee chairmen of standing and special committees as necessary subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Any committee may be led by more than one chairperson as determined by the Executive Board. The chairperson of each committee has the following responsibilities: !
• The Chairperson shall appoint the membership of their respective committees.
• The Chairperson shall work within the allotted budget for their committee.
• The Chairperson shall organize their committee so that it fulfills its function.
• If the Chairperson is not continuing in the position, he/she must provide a written report to summarize all the activities of the year no later than the May
RMPA meeting. 

Section 2- The Association standing committees are as follows: 
a. Communications: The committee shall notify all members of meetings and activities via email. 
b. Uniforms: This committee shall be responsible for fitting, issuing, cleaning and collecting of uniforms and garment accessories such as bags, raincoats and
hangers. The Chairman shall inform the Band Director(s) and Choir Director(s) of any damage, mistreatment or loss of the uniform. The committee shall be responsible
for an inventory to be submitted at the end of their term, and any replacements or additional items can be secured as budgeted. 
c. Chaperones: This committee shall have sufficient adult chaperones for each activity based upon the request of the Band and/or Choir Director(s). The Chairperson of this committee shall verify that all chaperones are in compliance with Revere Local School District volunteer guidelines.
d. RMPA Liaison: This committee shall be responsible for having a member of the Association in attendance at all regular meetings of the District Board of Education
and Revere District Council of PTAs. The chairman shall have matters important to the Association reported to the Executive Board. This committee shall
not have the authority to speak for the Association unless prior approval has been given to do so by the Executive Board. The committee representatives can indicate
to the school board and Revere District Council of PTAs that they will bring material to the attention of the Association.
e. Choir Liaison: This committee shall be responsible to lend all possible support for the vocal music program in the district. The chairman shall work closely
with the Choir Director(s) and others as needed. 
f. Fundraising: The appointed Chairperson for all approved fundraising events (i.e. Tag Day, Revere Invitational, Fruit Sale, Bands in the Round Soup Supper,
Easter Seals Fill the Truck, Drive One 4 Ur School) shall be responsible for coordinating the fundraising activity and for maintaining accurate records of sales. !
g. Publicity: Chairperson shall be responsible of informing the public of major events involving the District music programs and/or Association by use of print
and social media and any other practical means. 
h: Website: Chairperson shall maintain the Association website with information on activities and events involving the District music programs and/or the Association.

 i Equipment: This committee shall be responsible for the transport, loading and unloading of music equipment and instruments for away football games, band
competitions and parades. 
j: Concessions: This committee shall be responsible for the Minuteman Cafe concessions at all home football games, the Revere Invitational and other special
k: Banquets: This committee shall be responsible for organizing the Fall and Spring Band Banquets. 
l: Hospitality: This committee shall coordinate snacks and/or food, as well as flowers as necessary, for special events involving the District music programs
and/or Association. 
m: Cookie Shack: This committee shall be responsible for organizing distribution of cookies to the bands during home football games. 
n: Volunteers: This Chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining a record of Association volunteers and assisting in filling vacant volunteer positions. 
o: Middle School Liaison: Chairperson shall be responsible for assisting as needed with Middle School music programs. 
p: Color Guard Liaison: Chairperson shall be responsible for assisting as needed with the Color Guards. 

Article V 

Section 1- Association meetings shall be held monthly from August through May, except that no meeting will be held in January. Special meetings may be called by the President or the Executive Board at any time. 

Section 2- The Executive Board will establish the meeting dates for the Executive Board and the general membership at the May meeting. These meeting dates will be listed in the Community Calendar. 

Section 3- A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of those present and voting at the general meeting. 

Section 4- Any matter pertaining to the Association or its activities may be brought before the membership for action. 

Section 5- The Association membership has the authority to override a decision made by the Executive Board by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting. Association business may be conducted by a simple majority of members present at a regular meeting or a special meeting of the Association. 

Article VI 

Section 1- No dues shall be levied against the membership. 

Section 2- The Treasurer shall submit a budget with the help of the Executive Board to be presented at the April meeting and approved at the May meeting by a simple majority of those in attendance. 

Section 3- Association expenses shall be paid by the Treasurer with the approval of the Executive Board. 

Section 4- Except for reimbursement of certain approved expenses, there will be no remuneration to members for any services performed as this is an organization of volunteers.

Section 5- The chaperones shall pay all of their expenses incurred when traveling with the band. In the event that chartered transportation is paid for by the Association, such transportation will be offered to students and chaperones on the same basis. 

Section 6- A Student Trip Account shall be established to hold a portion of funds generated by RMPA fundraisers in which students are asked to participate. Approval by a simple majority vote of the membership present at a meeting will be required to set the contribution level (if any) to the Student Trip Account for each such fundraiser. However, as long as Section 7 of this Article remains in effect, the percentage allocated to the Student Trip Account cannot exceed 90% of the net proceeds of a fundraiser, as per Section 7, 10% MUST be allocated to the Uniform Replacement Fund. 

Immediately prior to any Revere Music Department sponsored trip, with exact timing determined by the Treasurer with approval of the Board, all funds in the Student Trip Account - less a $100 set aside to keep the account open - will be distributed equally as credits against the final trip invoices for all current Revere Music students traveling on that trip. This will be the only allowable use of funds from the Student Trip Account. 

Funds in the Student Trip Account are in no sense associated with or property of any individual student, nor can any such funds or credits be transferred from one student to another, even if related, for any reason including a student being unable to participate in a specific trip. Student Trip Account funds cannot be used for other activities such as banquets, band camp fees, etc. 

Section 7- Beginning with the 2015-2016 fiscal year; 10% of net profit from all fund
raising activities (before any student credits are allocated) will be set aside in a separate account for uniform replacement costs. 

Article VII 

Section 1- The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern this Association in all cases in which they do not conflict with the rules of this Association. 

Article VIII Dissolution 

Section 1- In the event that this organization finds itself in a position of being unnecessary in the pursuit of the above purpose, and objectives or in the event for any reason the Association must be curtailed, the following must take place to dispose of its assets. The Executive board shall be responsible for the following: 
a. A complete inventory shall be taken to account for money and bank accounts and equipment owned by the Association. 
b. The announcement of the dissolution shall appear in the local newspaper. 
c. The establishment of a final date of dissolution. 
d. All accounts payable shall be properly paid. 
e. All assets receivable shall be listed and debtors notified of the amount due. 
f. All monetary assets shall be donated to the Music Departments of the District. 
g. All equipment shall be donated to the Music Departments in the District. 

Section 2- In the event the Music Departments of the District do not exist to receive the above assets, the monetary assets of the Association shall be given to the Revere LocalSchool District Board of Education. 

Article IX 
Revisions of Constitution and Bylaws May 2005 

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Association may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any regularly scheduled Association meeting. The amendment must have been presented at the preceding regularly scheduled meeting of the Association. All amendments proposed and action taken shall be recorded by the secretary and attached to this document.  A regularly scheduled review of this constitution and Bylaws will occur on odd fiscal years by a committee appointed by the President.

• This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2004-2005 school year by the following ad hoc Constitution Revision Committee: 
James Holan
Sharon Mullheim
Barb Goodman 

These revisions were presented to the general membership at the regularly scheduled Association meeting on May 3, 2005. These revisions will be presented at the September 2005 meeting for approval. 

• This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2006-2007 school year by the following ad hoc Constitution Revision Committee: 
Linda Phillips
Rusty Frese
Liela Morstatter 

• This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2008-2009 school year by membership, presented to the general membership at the regularly
scheduled Association meeting on March 3, 2009, and approved by a unanimous vote with no changes. 

• This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2012-2013 school year by the executive committee and general membership; was presented
to the general membership at the regularly scheduled Association meeting on February 12, 2013, and was approved in a unanimous favorable vote at the regularly
scheduled Association meeting on March 5, 2013. 

This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2014-2015 school year by the executive committee, Kimberly Peters and Becky Weihe; was presented to the general membership via Email Feb. 23, 2015, and at the regularly scheduled Association meeting on March 3, 2015. They were unanimously approved at the April 7, 2015 regularly scheduled meeting. 

This Constitution and Bylaws revision was drafted during the 2016-2017 school year by the Bylaws Revision Committee of Deanna Durbin, Marianne Grandon and Dannette Revesz in agreement with the executive committee, presented to the general membership  meeting on February 28, 2017, and was approved by a unanimous vote at the general membership meeting on April 4, 2017. 

This Constitution and Bylaws was amended at the May 2017 meeting and approved by unanimous vote of the general membership at the August 2017 meeting.