Ohio Music Education Association

OMEA is the principal organization in Ohio promoting music education in Ohio's schools. As part of its mission, OMEA provides a system of adjudicated events that demonstrate an emphasis on educational values and high achievement in school music programs. Revere Music students regularly participate in OMEA adjudicated events.

​For adjudicated events, Ohio is broken up into 5 regions and 17 districts. Revere is part of the Northeast Region, District 6. At OMEA events, Revere Music bands, choirs, soloists, ensembles & large groups participate with other schools, at a district or state level. These events are hosted by various schools and the events may last a full afternoon, evening, day or weekend. For middle school events or high school large group events, the students travel to the OMEA event on a bus with RMPA chaperones. Family & friends are welcome to attend & watch all OMEA events, but no photos or recordings of performances are permitted. For band events, there may be opportunity to purchase a video, group photo and/or invitational spiritwear from the host school.

OMEA Adjudicated Events include:

​Marching Band

This event has district (Local Event) and state (State Marching Band Finals) events. Click here to learn more about Marching Band Adjudicated Events. If a band earns a Superior rating at the Local Event, then the band may perform at the State Marching Band Finals, which usually take place at several schools in Ohio over the course of two weekends. As many as 30 bands may perform on one day at one location!

​Solo and Ensemble 

This event features individual music student performers (soloists) and small groups of performers (ensembles) that perform at a local district event. This event has two levels: middle school and high school. The soloists and ensembles chose their own music within OMEA guidelines. Middle school performers may choose any appropriate music as long as it is within the approved events. High school performers must perform music from a required list:

                                  ​​HIGH SCHOOL OMEA S&E REQUIRED LIST(searchable)

Hundreds of student musicians from across an OMEA district participate in each local district event. Students who elect to participate in solo contests must prepare their solo themselves and pay for entrance fees and accompanist (if needed). Revere Music Staff accompanists may be assigned or a student may bring their own accompanist. Students may be assigned to ensembles, or they may form their own ensembles. Entrance fees for ensembles are paid for by RMPA. (Exception: if a vocal ensemble decides to drop out after fees are paid, that ensemble must reimburse RMPA for their fees.) High school students must provide their own transportation to the OMEA Solo and Ensemble contest. Student drivers may NOT transport other students per district policy. Transportation in a parent car is recommended.

To learn more about Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events click here.


​Large Group Adjudicated Events

This event is for ensembles with lots of performers (concert bands, choirs and orchestras). These ensembles perform three prepared songs for a panel of adjudicators. These ensembles perform three prepared songs for a panel of adjudicators. There are two grade-level groupings for these events. Click here to learn more about Large Group Adjudicated Events. If a large group earns a Superior rating at district, it may then perform at the state level.

Band Competition Classes:

Bands are entered into classes depending on the school enrollment for grades 10-12:

Class AA - 901+

Class A - 501-900

Class B - 301-500

Class C - 300 and below

OMEA Ratings:

A participant or group may perform for a rating or in “Festival Performance” for comments only, but must perform the required compositions.

Rating I: Superior

Rating II: Excellent
Rating III: Good
Rating IV: Fair
Rating V: Poor

For a full explanation of OMEA ratings, see Ohio Five Rating Plan here.