Care of your Uniform!

Your Uniform will be kept in the Uniform Closet, and you pick it up and return it to the closet for each performance (unless otherwise instructed*). Uniforms are sent out for dry cleaning 2-3 times a season.  If you notice any issues with your Uniform, such as loose stitching, tears or stains, it is your responsibility to let a Uniform Parent know right away.

Your pants have "snap" hems. If they come undone, you can resnap them - make sure they are even! If your pants hem length needs to be adjusted, please let a Uniform Parent know so that it can be pressed!

Care of your Raincoat!

Your Raincoat will be kept at school in the Raincoat Bins, and you pick it up and return it to the bins for performances when instructed to do so. Periodically you will be asked to take your raincoat home for cleaning:

- Remove nametag from inside of coat.

- Wash on warm or cold setting (with like colors).

- Hang coat to drip dry (do NOT put in dryer).

- Turn coat inside out to ensure thorough drying.

- Reattach nametag to inside of coat.

- Return coat to your proper bin.

2022-23 Chairpersons: Peggy Littlefield

Care of your Gloves & Socks

Socks should be taken home and washed with like colors weekly.  

Gloves should be washed as necessary. They should be hand washed in cold water & air dryed (as otherwise they will shrink).

Care of your Dinkles!

Students purchase their shoes as part of their band fees. You may keep them in your band locker or take them home (however, if you take them home you MUST remember to bring them in for every performance!). 

Formal Dinkles are a high gloss patent Vinyl. Clean with window or glass cleaner. For extra shine, apply a light amount of silicone spray & smooth into surface.

If you need new socks, gloves or hair ribbons during the season, you can purchase these at the uniform closet:

Socks - $4.00

Gloves - $2.00

​Bows/Ribbons - $1.00


The Summer Band Uniform consists of a blue "R" shirt, blue band shorts, light colored socks & light colored tennis shoes. Students purchase their blue "R'" shirt & blue band shorts as part of their band fees. ​Students wear the Summer Band Uniform at parades, and are expected to wear it under their Marching Band Uniform to all football games. Students will also receive a band show theme T-shirt, which they wear for competitions.

Marching Band Uniforms are the property of the school and will be issued to students for the season, but they are kept at school. Students purchase their shoes, socks, gloves & ribbons as part of their band fees. (Socks, gloves & ribbons can be purchased & replaced as needed during the band season.)

Concert Band Uniforms are also property of the school and will be issued to students for the season, however they are sent home with the students. Students must provide their own black socks & dress shoes.

* If your Uniform becomes extremely wet because of rain during a performance, you may be asked to take it home so that it can dry out. If so, please hang the jacket & pants on separate hangers to air dry.  Do NOT put into a clothes dryer.