What do I need for Band Camp?

  • Plenty of Water (in clear containers)

  • Packed Lunch (students are not permitted to leave for lunch)

  • Snacks for breaks

  • Lots of Sun Screen

  • Ball Cap and/or Sunglasses

  • Appropriate attire

  • Tennis shoes (NO sandals)

  • Bee sting kits (if you require them)

  • Insect repellent (if you find necessary)

  • Your instrument in good playing condition (if you do not use a school instrument)

               (Student model  instruments are best as they may get wet, etc.)

  • Music/Drill/Dot Card (will be provided to you for the season)

  • A full stomach – please eat breakfast!

  • Ready to begin at start time (IF YOU ARRIVE JUST ON TIME, YOU ARE LATE ...)

  • Ready to work hard and a positive attitude!

How can I prepare for Band Camp?

You received your music at Mini-Camp. Please try to have the fight song, alma mater & Salue to America under your fingers before the start of band camp. This will help the first week go much more smoothly! You can also get a jump start by practicing your show music in advance as well.

Where is Band Camp held?
All band camp rehearsals are held at the high school (in the band room, outside lawns and/or football stadium).

When is lunch?
A lunch break will take place between 12 noon and 1:00 pm each day.  Each student is responsible for bringing a lunch.  All students will remain at the school during lunch (students are not permitted to leave the school to go get lunch). ​

What will we be doing?
Rehearsing music, learning marching band commands, and learning the drill formations - pre-game, basics, competition show and football half-time shows. Squads and sections will spend some time practicing together, and there will be some fun, team building activities for all band members. In example, one week of band camp is designated as Spirit Week, with themes for each day (such as twin day, super heroes, funky hats, sectional selected themes, etc.) - students are encouraged to participate. Other activities will take place during band camp, such as Picture Day, Frosh Fest, Tag Day, etc.  See Summer Band Camp.

When is the Medical Form due?

It is due the first day of band camp. It is important that your contact and medical information is properly on file at the beginning of camp.

When are band fees due?
They should be paid within the first few days of band camp. Checks should be payable to RMPA. You will receive your summer uniform once your fees are paid - you will need your uniform for summer events such as the Richfield Community Parade.

Do I need to attend every session of Band Camp?

Yes, your attendance is essential to having a successful season. Each rehearsal builds on the previous one. The Directors do not have time to reteach every time someone misses a rehearsal. If you need to miss a rehearsal, you must notify the Directors in advance and it is your responsibility to learn what was missed.

What if  sports or other extra-curricular activities conflict with Band  Camp dates?

Many band students also participate in sports or other activities that result in occasional conflicts.  When this happens, it is expected that:

  • You inform the Directors of the conflicts as soon as possible.

  • You balance the time absent from band camp & the conflicting activity (miss an equal amount of time from both).

  • You determine a plan to learn what you missed.

What do I do if I wake up ill & can't attend camp that day?

Just as with school, your parent or guardian must report your absence first thing in the morning.  Please call 330-523-3233 or email dlebeau@revereschools.org. 

If I am a band parent, can I help out in some way?

Yes, your help would be welcomed!  Uniform fittings are done during band camp and parent volunteers are needed for many events that take place during band camp.  See  RMPA volunteer activities.  Also, in the past, some parents have volunteered to periodically bring in special snacks (i.e. popsicles) for the students. If you wish to do that, please let the Band Directors know in advance to plan a time that would be good.

Are there special requirements for Color Guard (Flag Line)?

Color Guard (Flag line) requires extra rehearsals over the summer to be able to be prepared in time for the first performances. These additional rehearsal times will be communicated to you.

Should I take private lessons for my instrument over the summer?

Summer is a good time to take private lessons on your instrument if possible.  One-on-one instruction can be very beneficial, even if it's only for a few weeks in the summer. A list of private instructors can be found here.  Some students also find attending a local university band camp program to be helpful. See Bands/Camps/Workshops.

What else do I need to know?
ALL rules outlined in the Revere High School Student Handbook and School Code of Student Behavior apply at camp.