2017 OMEA  ​Ensemble Results:

Woodwind Choir  - Excellent
Brass Choir -  Excellent
Percussion Ensemble 1 - Excellent
Percussion Ensemble 2 - Superior
Mixed Clarinet Quartet - Superior
Horn Quartet – Good
Flute Trio – Superior
Trombone Trio  - Excellent
Saxophone Sextet -  Superior

​Every January, RHS music students attend the OMEA Solo and Ensemble adjudicated event, performing  vocal solos, instrumental solos and instrumental ensembles.  The ensembles  often include  a brass choir, woodwind choir, two percussion ensembles, flute trio, trombone trio, clarinet quartet, French horn quartet and a saxophone sextet. 

2018 OMEA  Solo Results:


2018 OMEA  ​Ensemble Results:


2017 OMEA  Solo Results:

​Jason Choy, Alto Sax Solo – Excellent
Josh Durbin, Alto Sax Solo – Superior
Kate Dye, Oboe Solo – Superior
Ellie Edwards, Soprano Solo, Superior
Audrey Halvorson, Soprano Solo, Superior
Abby Hermann, Alto Sax Solo – Superior
Macy Keaton, Flute Solo – Superior
Rachel Kraus, Flute Solo - Superior

OMEA Solo & Ensemble

Brendan Loab, Trombone Solo – Excellent
Matt Lerner, Piano Solo, Superior
Tim Miller, Flute Solo – Superior
Nathan Mullaly, Piano Solo, Superior
Nathan Mulllaly, Bass Solo, Superior
Noah Sigsworth, Tuba Solo, Excellent
Noah Sigsworth, Tenor Solo, Superior
Connor Wainwright, Piano Solo, Superior